January 3rd, 2011 —

Wonder what it’s like to visit the beach at Lake Michigan in the winter? Depending upon the day, the beach might be deserted, peaceful, picturesque, wild, cold, or just plain awesome. I decided to start 2011 with a visit to Lake Michigan and check on this incredible natural wonder. The closest Lake Michigan beaches (White Lake channel and Duck Lake State Park) are just a short drive from White Swan Inn.

The National Weather Service issued gale warnings for New Years Day – a great time to check out the waves! And yes, it was cold!!!!! There was a lone fisherman on the south pier of the White Lake channel. He obviously was dressed for the weather. The waves were rolling down the channel and the winds were gusting around 30 mph (maybe more.) I don’t know what the wind chill temp was; all I know is that it was cold. Did I say it was COLD? … and beautiful as well.

After taking photos, it was back in the car, got to love those heated seats, and back to White Swan Inn for some hot chocolate and a chance to warm up. Book a getaway at White Swan Inn and check out the winter beach scene for yourself.