March 25th, 2011 —

Children at a B&B? Bring your pet to a B&B? Today’s bed and breakfast properties aren’t just for romantic getaways. At White Swan Inn in Whitehall, we have welcomed numerous families over the years. I have enjoyed meeting some really great kids, watching them grow in subsequent visits. Our room journals are filled with carefully printed comments and clever drawings illustrating the fun experiences that our young guests have enjoyed. Guests from Ann Arbor wrote, “Thanks for taking children. Tyler loved it here and will remember this vacation fondly.” And kids love the big bathtubs in the Cygnet Suite and the Covell Room.

Guests from California posted on TripAdvisor, “Can’t recommend them enough; you feel like family in their beautifully-appointed home. Plus, they were very comfortable having our 5 year old boy staying with us in our room…and their two cats kept him entertained throughout our visit.” Many comments in the journals and the online reviews make mention of our cats. Max and Cricket garner as many compliments as do our delicious breakfasts.

In addition to the children, I have also met some great pets. It is easier in the off-season to welcome a guest’s dog to White Swan Inn, as we don’t have as many guests coming and going. When talking to a potential guest about bringing their dog, I always reiterate that we have two house cats. Most of the time, our cats make themselves scarce when they sense that a dog is visiting. Friendly, well-traveled dogs seem like such a natural in a B&B.

Check out for yourself the welcoming atmosphere at White Swan Inn in Whitehall with your child or pet.