February 20th, 2012 —

Birds of a feather flock together would definitely describe the sightings at the Muskegon County Wastewater Management System facility site. Birders flock to see the varied species of birds sighted year ’round at this unique birding venue. Bald eagles and other species of eagles, a variety of hawks, song birds, water fowl and the star attraction this winter; the snowy owl.

This photo is from Don Neumann, found at http://muskegonbirdblog.blogspot.com/

The snowy owl is attracting visitors from as faraway as Texas and Manitoba according to a recent article in the Muskegon Chronicle. Several snowy owls have been spotted at the wastewater site this winter. This one in particular seems to like his photo taken!

For dedicated birds, it is not unusual to tally over 25 species on an average day around the county. Last fall, Muskegon County Nature Club members tallied 45 species at the wastewater site. There are numerous locations through out Muskegon County to add a species to your life list. Various water fowl have been spotted at the Muskegon Channel and along the Pere Marquette Park breakwall, Lake Harbor Park, Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve, Muskegon State Park and Hoffmaster State Park.

Guests at White Swan Inn sent these photos after a stop at the wastewater facility on their return home to Grand Rapids. A Rough-legged Hawk is perched in a tree and a Northern Harrier passes by the lens. Thanks to Marty and Dud Smith for sharing these photos.

So grab your camera and binoculars, West Michigan is a bird watchers paradise. Book a visit to White Swan Inn in Whitehall and we will send you off with directions to the top spots to view a variety of birds.