March 11th, 2011 —

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Delicious, amazing, wonderful are a few of the adjectives used to describe breakfast at White Swan Inn in Whitehall. Food allergies and diet restrictions do not limit the variety of delicious food served at today’s B&B properties. At White Swan Inn, I am very aware of some guest’s limitations and plan accordingly. When guests inform me of food or diet issues, I am readily prepared to exceed their expectations with fabulous food that will fit into their regimen.

Allergic to soy, wheat, nuts, dairy or whatever; espousing a vegan or vegetarian approach to food? Not a problem. A recent guest review posted at Bed & “breakfast was delicious even for a diabetic.” “We felt at home and the hosts were really nice and made us a special vegetarian breakfast – to die for!” is a comment posted at TripAdvisor which affirms that taking care of our guests at White Swan Inn is of primary importance.

In addition to accommodating diet requirements, I am also sensitive to guest schedules. Have an early tee-time or a business meeting or are a late sleeper? Again, not a problem. Flexibility is the key. And a comment from one of our guest journals, “We enjoyed our breakfast conversation with the other guests – wonderful company and great food” sums up what the B&B experience is all about. Remember breakfast is half the equation: Bed and Breakfast, a Better Way to Stay!